Security of payments using Stripe

Swallow Menswear will not take payment for an order until it has been processed and is ready for dispatch. We will however take an Authorisation. This will show on your bank statement as a deducted pending transaction where the funds are reserved & allocated to your order. This pending transaction will not be finalised until we have completed your order for delivery.

Prior to finalising an order we have the option to finalise the total sum or a reduced sum but under no circumstances can we deduct an increased amount.

All authorised pending transactions go through security checks prior to being finalised. Each order is checked to ensure it is not fraudulent or duplicated. If your order fails to pass the security check we will contact you.

In the event of Swallow Menswear not being able to fulfil your order or if you wish to cancel your order we will immediately request that your bank cancels the authorisation. If the authorisation still remains after several days, please contact your bank to request that they act upon our cancellation of the payment.

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